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Addictions of a Music Junkie

If you’re a person who wakes up every morning craving the intoxicating elements of a beat, chorus, lyric, or rhythm to jumpstart your day…then consider yourself a bonafide Music Junkie!  Being a Music Junkie is not just a label to describe musically addicted people, it’s a lifestyle and one that our fellow MJ Medina makes entertaining and delightful throughout her video “Addiction”.

Medina is one of my favorite dance artists and before I even saw the video, I was already addicted to the song.  The video  provides a wonderful visual of the life a Music Junkie experiences which would make anyone want a little taste of it.  Until that happens, savor every moment of this video and rest assured that you’re not the only one who’s a slave to the music!

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My Little Secret

snoopy quotoe

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Feel the Burn: Triceps Circuit

TGIM Fitness Fanatics!!!

Time to feel the burn and get those triceps poppin’!  Today’s exercise is dedicated to strengthening and carving out some oh-so-beautiful triceps by performing a circuit that will make it “burn so good“.  Check out the video and get moving! Your journey to health is your hands and I know you can do it…have fun and get it done! 😀

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Declare Victory Over Your Destiny

Happy Friday all!

Today I’m starting off the new month with a powerful message that will ignite that passion within you.  Make today the time to draw more opportunities, love, and happiness into your life!  You are worthy of great things, so declare it!

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