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Friday Tracks [New Year’s Edition]: Pentatonix | “New Year’s Day”

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Happy Halloween! | Downloadable Activity List

Happy Halloween UTT Fans!  As promised, I designed my very own Halloween Top 10 List…just for you all!  Y’all gave me so much positive feedback from the Fall in Love post, that I felt inspired to create this little gem for you to enjoy!  As we end and celebrate this last day in October, have a safe and pleasant Halloween and remember to find things that inspire you and spark your creativity!

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Halloween UTT Top 10 List (filled)

UTT Halloween Top 10 List


Friday Tracks: Capital Kings

Hey there UTT Friends!  It’s been quite a long time since we’ve shared some inspiring musical moments together, but here we are again kickin’ it off with a Friday Track that’ll definitely lift the spirits.  Since my time away, I’ve discovered some amazing music that really stirs and energizes my spirit.

Let me introduce you to a duo that’s so dynamic, that they are changing the way Christian music is being heard all over the nation.  They call themselves Capital Kings, a band derived out of Washington D.C.  Their names are Jon White (singer) and Cole Walowac (mixer/rapper) and they are unlike anything I’ve heard in the Christian market.

What makes this duo so unique is their compilation of many musical styles which include dance, pop, dubstep, hip-hop,  and alternative.  But their uniqueness doesn’t stop there.  These two musical trendsetters are rockin’ their way all over the nation while spreading the message of Jesus Christ along the way.  With God as the source and center of their music, these two guys are reaching out to many young people of this generation and leading their hearts to Jesus.  Their music directs its focus on connecting with an audience that’s truly in need of an uplifting, purpose-driven message in this crazy world we live in.  And what better way to do this then by drawing listeners to music that sounds mainstream, while being completely rooted in God, love, purpose, faith, and hope!

So before you decide to tune these guys out because they’re a Christian music group, check out their video first and open your ears to something that is shifting the way we all view Christian music.  I promise you that they will prove worthy to your ears.

For more about Capital Kings, click the pink links:

Capital Kings YouTube Channel ❤ Purchase Capital Kings on iTunes ❤

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Artist Spotlight: Marion Bolognesi


To all those who appreciate the beauty and wonder a fabulous piece of artwork can bring, here’s a little beauty I stumbled upon and decided to share with you.  This piece titled “Watercolor Faces” was inspired and created by Marion Bolognesi.  Bolognesi is an artist and designer who pursues her artistic inspirations out of New York City where she currently works and resides.  Based upon what I’ve read about her, Bolognesi’s paintings evoke strong emotion through her use of vibrant and complementing color schemes which favor well to people who admire her work.

I would have to say that her effective use of white space along with the watercolor is what drew me to this piece.  Whatever technique Bolognesi infuses into her paintings, it certainly emits her passion for beauty and appeal to the eyes.  If you would like to view more of Bolognesi’s work click the photo above and check out her website.

It’s been a real treat to share this with you as well as discover a talented artist, so if you have something neat you would like me to feature in my next post, connect with me by giving me feedback in the Feedback Hub.

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My Little Secret

snoopy quotoe

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