❤ Ooh Somebody Loves You! ❤

Hey UTT Followers!

Has anyone told you that they love you lately?  Well, look no further because you found it here from my girlie Betty Who!  This featured track by her is an absolute love of mine and now I’m sharing it with you!  Are you feeling loved already?  If I had to sum up Betty Who’s musical style, I would say her music has a Retro 80’s Pop that leaves you craving for more of it.  She’s definitely an artist to keep an ear out for if you haven’t heard about her yet.  So, check her out and remember …YOU ARE LOVED! 



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Friday Tracks: James Blake

If I could sum up James Blake’s latest track “Retrograde” in one word, it would have to be ASTOUNDING!  Why you might be asking? First off, Blake’s voice oozes out soulful and sultry verses that leave you intrigued for more.  Upon first listen, I was reeled in by the bluesy tone of the song as Blake’s voice hauntingly seals the deal on my eardrums.  Blake is clearly talented in his vocal range which is why this video made it to my Friday Tracks List!

Enjoy the video and give me your feedback and comments below, on the UTT Fan Page, and at the Feedback Hub .

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Friday Tracks: Lindsey Stirling

Happy Friday my lovelies!

This week’s track is one I happened to stumble upon and fell in love with!  It’s called “Crystalize” performed by the very talented Lindsey Stirling, a classical violinist who adds a nice twist of dubstep and hip-hop.  Not only is the sound beautiful, but so is the video.  Check it out for yourself and leave me comments on what you think about her!

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Friday Tracks: Beyoncé

Friday Tracks: Ashley Monroe

Happy Friday!

Today’s track introduces an artist you may have heard before…Pistol Annies ringing any bells? Well, meet Ashley Monroe, an American country music singer-songwriter. She has released two solo singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart that I personally enjoy titled, “Satisfied” and “I Don’t Want To”.

Her latest studio album “Like a Rose” recently released last week and is a real country charmer!  Be sure to check her music out on iTunes and enjoy the video!

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Spankie V: Upper Body Workout

Feel the LOVE

Good Morning Early Birds!

Today’s music selection is all about feeling and giving the LOVE!  Rudimental’s “Feel the Love” video is a great reminder for us to make an effort in showing everyone we connect with, LOVE and KINDNESS.  Not only will your spirits be lifted, but so will theirs.  Who can argue with that after listening to this song?

Choose to live a life that attracts positivity to you and surround you with positive people!  Enjoy the video  and keep loving!

Much Love,