Crafty Corner: Crocheting with Tiara Thornton


Happy Easter my Crafty Bunnies!

Get your crochet hooks out because I want to share a book that just released today on AMAZON.COM for the Kindle.  As you already know, I am passionate about anything artsy and this book falls into my crafty radar!  I am particularly fond of this book because the author, Tiara Thornton, is my sister and company owner of Sassy Curls which strives in “helping women embrace their individuality, value their self-worth, and discover their dreams”.

Tiara is a lifestyle blogger who inspires everyone to live life purposefully and put love in everything they do.  She’s a true inspiration to me which is why I encourage you to help support her first published book and show her your love!

Check out her blog at Sassy Curls for more of her inspiring work and buy her book!

Much Love,


Website of the Week: Sassy Curls Blog

Excellent Blog! I recommend this to anyone seeking positivity,inspiration, and thought provoking topics.


Website of the Week: Sassy Curls Blog



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