Do Not Worry

Matthew 634

Whenever I catch myself worrying about things I cannot change or even about all the things I must do the following day, I remember this scripture to remind myself that God is in control of my life.  We all fall prey to worry from time to time, but in the end worrying gets us nowhere.  Instead, worry creates anxiety and stress which is unhealthy for our bodies, minds, and spirits.  As an additional consequence, it robs us of our peace of mind and hinders us from being productive at all.

Though this fast-paced world dictates our lives through deadlines, appointments, and to do lists, we do not have to conform to its rules.  When we allow God to center our day around His plan for our daily lives, worry doesn’t have to weigh us down.  It’s comforting to know that no matter what happens today, tomorrow, or in the future, God is right there making a way for us all to complete our work effectively and efficiently for Him.  Whatever challenges you are facing in your life, job, or relationships, do not give into worry, remember that God is holding your hand through it all.

Much Love,


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